Monday, November 19, 2012

Stop with all the Social Media: Day 5
Hey! guys its me again with my experiment and I can't believe that this is the last day of my experiment. So far on the last day of my experiment it has gone well today while I was at school after my writing class I went to the library and I went there because I wanted to find something to do that will use all of my time. What I did was is that I took my history book out and I started reading some pages that my professor told me to do because he was going to give me a quiz over the material that I just read so I wanted to do that because I wanted to prepared for my reading quiz so I can do well tomorrow. Yesterday my mom made me read a bunch of Money magazines and while I was reading these magazines I actually thought it was pretty interesting to read about what people are doing with money. Another interesting that I learned from doing reading these money magazines  is that I also learned about how our economy is doing right now and how much money are people making from their jobs.

After I read these magazines watched some T.V. for a little while so I can just have my mind off of studying for a little while. I got to watch all of my favorite shows on T.V. because it's been so long since I have watched these shows and I miss it a lot. After I watched some T.V. I decided to go to the community center to work-out with my dad I like to work-out it keeps me healthy and I then get really fit body while I am working out I spent around 2 hours lifting weights and going on the trendmill. When I came back home I first took a shower to get rid of all of the sweat. Then I had some quality time with my family and discussed about how our days went and what did we do and those sorts of questions. I liked socializing with my family because I think it's quite fun and I like talking to people most of the time. The next day I went to the senior citizens home to volunteer and I basically gave a lot of snacks to all of the elderly citizens my mom actually forced me to go since I haven't done this type of task for a while now.

For the last few days of this experiment it has actually gotten better because now that I stopped doing Social Media for the last few days its definitely changed my life a lot. I have gotten better opportunities for taking care of other things besides sitting on my computer all day and chatting with my friends. I'm really glad my experiment worked because I was able to stay away from social media for a week. I just hope I will be able to do future projects like this so I can make even a bigger impact in this world that we are living in today.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stop with the all the Social Media:  Day 4
Well this is the fourth day of my experiment and for the last few days I have found continued to do some really productive things in my time. Yesterday I decided to wake up early in the morning and go for a walk wiht my mom around my neighborhood. I felt like walking around the neighborhood was a great exercise and   a good use of my time , but at the same time I thought it was pretty walking around with my mom because I got to talk lots of interesting things with her. I think my experiment is working well so far because as I found ways to spend my time productively it actually got my mind off of even doing any social media.

Later in the day I went grocery shopping with my mom we actually had to go to an Indian Grocery Store to buy some Indian Food. My mom actually wanted me to come because she needed my help and I couldn't really say no to her so I said then I guess I will come with you so at the same time you can have somebody to help you. I also then read a couple of Fortune Magazines that I found in my library in my house and in these magazines I read lots of interesting things like about this year's presidential election and about what's happening on Wall Street these days. As I read more and I actually got a sense of what is happening throughout this whole world so I thought that was pretty sweet. Later during the day I then went to the Community Center to work-out because I had too much stress on myself about all this school work that I have to get done and I thought that was a way to actually get my stress taken away because while I was exercising I didn't even think about studies for a while so that really helped me.

After exercising in the community center I went back home and I decided to spent little quality time with my mom and sister because when I am not doing anything else I usually like to talk to them. As I was talking to my mom and sister we talked about all sorts of things like about how my sister is doing in school, about the presidential campaign and that we were all happy that Obama won the election, and also about did you make new friends in school or not. I was actually quite fun to talk to my sister and mother because we never have a time where we just talk about random things because as for me and my mom and sister were actually pretty busy doing other things so that was just a great use of my time. After talking to both my mom and sister I just some T.V. for some time because there was this new episode of The Office so I wanted to see it so bad because this show's really funny and it cracks me up.

So only one more Day of my experiment I will continue to find new productive things to do that will definitely keep my mind off social media for at least a day. Well Day 5 here we come.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Stop with all the Social Media: Day 3
Today, is the third day to see how not doing Facebook affects my life by not doing it for a week. I knew that I did too much Facebook , but I kind of miss doing it a lot. First of all I am not getting distracted from any productive work that I have to do like school work and my social life.  For the last two days finding productive things to do has really helped me not think about doing Facebook for at least a week. I am now reading a lot of books when I am not studying I think its good way to help me make myself smarter and I thought by doing this it will increase my vocabulary skills. Another productive thing that I have done throughout the two days in my experiment is I have now played some XBOX on my T.V. I did this because I  thought that it was good for coordination because sometimes I seem to have bad coordination skills so that really helped me besides sitting on my computer doing Facebook all the time.

I have also been kind of playing some basketball outside of my house , but the only problem was is that it was really cold. Other than it being cold outside I really enjoyed being able to play with my friends I really got a good type of exercise out of it so I can myself become even more fit. After playing basketball I went to back home and I was talking to my family because I wanted to spent a lot of quality time with them before I have not been able to talk to my family a whole lot. My dad doesn't even have a Facebook so that totally made me forget about social Media for a while. My family gave me a couple of old newspapers to read because I told me try to know what is going on in this world today. By reading these newspapers now I have a more knowledge and understanding of what is going around in this world whether it is just politics or if it is just sports because as I was reading the newspapers it just really got me interested in that.

So far I am quite happy that my experiment has gone well even if it was just one day. Allowing myself to do Facebook has really put a big distraction on other things that I had to do. At the same time when I was doing Facebook my mind just thought about other things as well. Now I am definitely doing things that interests me but before I didn't do any of these things because I got sucked into what is called social media with Facebook. It all got pushed back because I just knew that it was just a waste of time for me. Well only 5 more days to go.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

 Stop with the All the Social Media Day 2                                                                                               After one day of not doing any social media on my computer you know I think I feel very happy I didn't even think about even going on Facebook and chat with my friends. So to me I think its going pretty well so far I mean I have been using most of my time to do productive things like doing Karate. I have decided to do that because I think its a way to relieve my stress from a lot of school work. Another productive thing that I have done during my time is that I have been reading a lot of books I feel like this is a way to really keep my brain to think and it is also a way to really increase my vocabulary skills. So I think to me my experiment of stopping social media is definitely working. I feel that not doing Facebook for a week its really kept me out of the social media and that now I can focus on the things that are important to me. I also think that now my mind now is not thinking about Facebook and it is definitely not getting me distracted. Besides just reading or  doing Karate I'm also starting to work out again its been a long time since I have been working out you know by just doing that it has kept my mind away from all the Social Media stuff and I realized the more I worked out the more it kept me away from talking with my friends or even uploading photos on Facebook. I'm thinking even for the next few days I will keep on doing these productive things because I think for at least just one day so far its really helped me keep my mind off of Facebook. My mother even asked me if I was going to do any chatting and I said no mom I will try to find ways to try to get out of social media for a while. After my mother was asking the question I totally just stayed out of social media. For the next few days I will continue to read books and to exercise because to me that's one of the most important things to do in life definitely not Social Media. Sure I do like chatting with my friends , but I think I rather stick with some productive things because those things really is a good use of my time. I have used my computer to now check grades on my school site and also to email important things to people. I really did not even think about Facebook at all while I was doing these things. So as the days go by I hope that my experiment will at least not fail and I hope it will keep on working so I get good results out of it.
Varun Sood

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

 Intro Day 1                                                                                                                                               Can you imagine if your parents were watching you chatting with your friends or even uploading a lot of photos? Then suddenly your parents get so upset that they tell you that I am going to block your account for now and they tell you that I will not let you go on Facebook. I myself do Facebook for at least three days a week so its going to put a bigger change in our society.

I am giving up Social Media with Facebook because now I have realized that its just a waste of time and it just keeps me away from all the other things that I have to get done. I feel like when I am doing Facebook I get really addicted to it and that I don't pay attention to anything else that is going around me. I know that I have better things to do with my life than do just cha with my friends on Facebook.

My plan sounds very simple enough. is just stop doing Facebook for at least a week or so. This morning I didn't even go near my computer and I totally just didn't pay attention. I told my parents that I would stop doing Facebook for some time and that I hope they could understand what I am trying to do with my experiment.

I also use more social media sites other than Facebook I also have an account on Twitter and I do the same exact things that I do on Facebook. I still chat with my friends and upload new photos. I usually spend about an hour doing Facebook and Twitter before I study and do other busy things in my life.

I think to me I might face some problems because I do like to chat with all of my friends because I think its pretty cool. My biggest problem is what other things can I do in my free time when I am not doing Facebook and all. As this is still a problem I am looking forward to finding new productive things to do with my life besides doing Facebook all the time. I have always try to read books , but now that Facebook is around this society today I think I get addicted to that more.

I am also looking forward of not doing Facebook will effect my life. I would be more than happy to find productive things to do with my time rather than doing some Facebook. I am also very concerned about not doing  Facebook could effect all of my friends and family. More quality time with my family will be actually better than doing Facebook because it would be fun trying to talk to my  family. I am really trying to find productive things to do with my time I think this could be very interesting.